Compuscan Academy’s training and service offerings are designed to assist businesses to become and remain competitive in the industry in which they operate. We provide the following training programmes and services to assist you in meeting your business needs:


Customised Training Programmes:

We believe that a customised solution is often the most effective solution for business growth. We design and develop training solutions in line with your business requirements and spend time in your organisation to ensure that we understand your workplace environment, terminology and training philosophy. Our skills development specialists and facilitators will conduct

Our skills development specialists and facilitators will conduct in-depth skills needs analysis and work with you to ensure that training is tailored to meet these requirements. We provide the option of modifying existing skills programmes or creating and presenting new programmes which are specifically aligned to your company objectives, policies, procedures and processes.

The scope, content, duration and timing of these programmes are dependent on your requirements and budget. It is our focus to solve real-life skills gaps in your business and we ensure that you will receive a training solution that delivers results.



We offer a number of popular accredited learnerships to businesses in the credit environment which include the Microlending Frontline Service learnership, the Microfinance Supervision and Management learnership, the FET: Debt Recovery learnership.

We are also now offering other learnership programmes applicable for any business such as generic management, the junior and senior bookkeepers, technical financial accountants, public accounts administrators as well as junior and senior office administrators and small business financial managers.

Our learnerships are practical and focused on equipping learners with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the workplace.


Workplace Skills Development Planning and Reporting:

We can assist you with the compilation of your Workplace Skills Plans and the implementation thereof, as well as with the reporting on skills development initiatives presented in the form of annual training reports that need to be submitted to the relevant SETA annually.

This will include an in-depth skills analysis to establish which skills currently exist within your organisation and which skills are needed in order for your business to become and remain competitive within the business arena.

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