As a credit provider or debt collector you will know that nothing is certain. Knowing when debtors are going to pay overdue accounts can be a guessing game – if you don’t use CompuScore C! CompuScore C predicts the probability of receiving payment on overdue accounts allowing you to act fast and reduce risk.

CompuScore is the product of a joint venture between Compuscan Credit Bureau and ScoreSharp, an innovative risk management consultancy. In excess of 3,000 modelling variables, across 26 vertical market filters, were evaluated during the modelling process to ensure the most predictive bureau scores are available. CompuScore summarises the key predictors from across Compuscan’s extensive databases (CPA accounts, NLR accounts, Proprietary Loans, Enquiries, Collections, Administration Orders, Debt Restructure and Public Adverse) into a 3 digit score which can be readily integrated into credit risk and marketing decision points.

The CompuScore suite is currently comprised of three distinct score versions: CompuScore. A for risk assessment at the customer acquisition stage; CompuScore.B, a behavioural score for use in the ongoing management of customers throughout their life-cycle and CompuScore.C for collection management.

As a credit provider there is no doubt that you should be making use of all three scores to accurately predict the likelihood of customer default throughout the credit life cycle and ultimately reduce risk. By predicting the probability of a default event occurring in 12 months of an account opening as well as the ongoing default risk and the probability of receiving payment on overdue accounts you effectively protect your business and reduce your risk.

As a debt collector CompuScore C is a vital tool if you are to act fast on delinquent debtors. It allows you to focus on those debtors who have the highest probability to not make payment and ensure that you follow up with them in a timely fashion.

With CompuScore ABC as you partner you won’t have to guess how to reduce risk or how to protect your company – we do the thinking for you!

Please note: CompuScore.C is only available to CPA members or organizations with written agency agreement consent from the CPA member (their client) on whose behalf they are collecting.

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