Codix is an automated credit or loan decision support tool. Using a credit provider’s own credit policies, standards, and criteria, Codix returns a yes (accept), no (decline), or maybe (refer) answer for specific credit products. This informs the credit provider whether the credit applicant qualifies or is denied access to a credit product.

Codix predominantly serves larger financial institutions and serves as a customisable product with the option of having more than four loan products with customised names.

While Codix is more suitable for larger financial institutions, Codix Lite, a variant of the original Codix, is aimed at assisting smaller credit providing businesses with their credit evaluation and decision making processes. Risk appetite is determined by looking at the bureau database of previous lending history in terms of small unsecured loans, to determine future lending criteria in the industry. In contrast to Codix, Codix Lite has a maximum of four loan products.

Codix Mobile was created to enable agents out in the field to do a Codix request (based on credit provider data) or a Codix Lite request (based on industry data). As an SMS-based gateway, Codix Mobile is user-friendly and replies regarding loan qualification are instant. Low hardware and SMS costs keep the solution price low.

The Codix range is used by micro lenders, micro financiers, banking institutions, and retail credit providers, to name a few. These products are used where credit applications are processed, credit reports are interpreted and analysed, and where borrower affordability is calculated. Results are presented as ‘Accept’, ‘Decline’, or ‘Refer’; where ‘Refer’ indicates the application should be referred for further processing and decision-making.

Codix was created as an automated evaluation process that provides consistent and repeatable credit decisions on the spot. From a user perspective, minimal input is needed from the client, thereby reducing human error.

The principal benefits of the Codix product includes time and cost saving processes, consistent credit decisions, and increased approval speed.


The Codix products are ideal for companies who want to ensure their business strategy is upheld and not deviated from. These solutions are cost-effective, quick to set up, and provide insightful advice.

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