Job Description:

Primary ongoing responsibility is for the management of projects. Focuses on meeting project commitments and spends significant time on project management responsibilities.

Responsible for significant, institute-wide projects, typically with large budgets, sizable/diversified stakeholders groups, focused on meeting project commitments, lead/assists in planning to implementation of new projects for systems and technologies.

Responsibilities include communications with all stakeholders, leads design, functional specifications, testing and deployment, planning and implementation of complex business, operational and technology driven projects that typically affect many users

Key Requirements:

Degree at a recognized educational institution. (PM degree as such PM BOK, PRINCE)·
At least 5 years, experience in a project management environment
5-10 years technical experience in IT.

Key Competencies:

Develops, assigns and implements project objectives with associated resourcing and scheduling.
Setup the Project Structure, including the required processes, technologies, resources, tools
Microsoft Office Suite.
Strong Analytical, Decision making, Interpersonal skills, Negotiation and time management skills.
Proactive in developing and implementing business strategies that significantly mitigates risk

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving
Recognizes problems or situations that arise in the business. Critically evaluates the alternatives and finds solutions using a systematic multi-step approach and planning.
Develops improvements and innovations to enhance business performance.
Analyzes decisions and actions for the support of business areas in the enablement of their strategic direction. Works with senior management to provide insights into complex project problems.

Pro-actively engages present and future stakeholders in design and priority setting and implementation.
Actively participates in cross-functional groups of stakeholders to solve problems across projects.
Utilizes the business network of relationships to collect and disseminate information, build support and secure buy-in for desired project objectives.
Demonstrates superior collaboration skills and techniques which appropriately define alternate solutions; resolve conflicts and create lasting productive partnerships with customers.

Communication effectiveness
Conveys goals and objective clearly and in a compelling manner, listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; interprets verbal and non-verbal messages that other communicates; produces clear status reports; communicates tactfully and respectfully.
Ensures that project status, issues and successes are communicated to project teams, stakeholders and sponsors and documented appropriately.
Motivates team members to action deliverables, maintains and ensures clear open communication channels with all stakeholders.
Demonstrates superior inter-personnel skills, conflict resolution and negotiating skills.

Prioritizes own and teams work requirements.
Anticipates consequences of actions, potential problems or opportunities for change.
Set and Meets realistic deadlines
Forecasts changes and communicates current and projected issues
Ensure a high-level of project control and accountability
Creates within the team a shared focus on the importance of achieving agreed results.
Creates work standards for projects, establishes with stakeholders the roles and responsibilities, specific outcomes and clear measures for project quality and success of the team.

Key Performance Areas:

Lead planning and/or implementation of projects
May participate in the design and/or testing of projects by creating test plans/packs for acceptance testing and reviewing of results of said tests to ensure the outputs meets the customers expectations.
Facilitate the definition of project missions, goals, tasks and resource requirements
Resolve or assist in the solution of conflicts within and between projects or functional areas
Develop methods to monitor project and areas of progress
Provide correction supervision on projects (where necessary or assigned)
Responsibility for assembling the project staff for functional and technical development, performance tracking and monitoring during the project lifecycle
Manage in conjunction with Team Leaders resource allocation and project timings
Facilitate the definition of service levels and customer requirements for each project
Interact regularly with existing or new stakeholders to determine needs and to develop plans for new/existing requirements with explicit plans for improving, optimising and enhancing service delivery provided to customers
Work cross-functionally to solve problems and implement changes.
Follow a defined, agreed upon project management plan
Lead the development and implementation of a broad coordinated set of plans and programs to meet the goals, expectations and priorities of the business and its customers
Continuously improve project management toolkits and methodologies undertaken and used within the business.
Participates in the identification of causes of software problems (at product or data level).
The initiation and implementation of solutions, including coding and testing as required
Technical support (in limited areas – small areas of the system, or in a stand-alone system) for users, client support teams, help desks, dedicated client training staff, etc
Pre and post-sales technical support for, in the form of making technical matters understandable to non-technical people in presentations, meetings, prototyping sessions, demonstrations, etc. Technical support/assistance to sales/business consultants regarding estimating and scheduling of small projects. In-depth knowledge of at least one product, system, service produced/ maintained by own division and good working knowledge of most of the rest.
Creation of clear documentation (system specifications) geared to the technical understanding of the reader.
Consolidation of all software to ensure that systems, specifications and other files residing on PC are also stored on the LAN.
Version Control. All software is copied to the appropriate backup directories prior to commencing with development or support tasks, following the standard directory structures and naming conventions.
Sharing technical knowledge/expertise and with team colleagues, management, clients.
Pro-active approach to obtain the necessary information from other personnel to complete the required challenge in a professional and timely manner.
Provisions of technical updates regarding own or team’s product, system or service for hers in the team, department, division, other divisions and/or client users.
Identification, in consultation with line manager, of developmental needs in technical knowledge and skills, with some business-related and interpersonal areas.

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