Following the release of Circular 23 of 2016 by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), Compuscan would like urge all its current subscribers of consumer credit information to consider the registration requirements for certain resellers and on-sellers of our consumer credit data. In light of this, Compuscan has received a letter from the National Credit Regulator (NCR) instructing all credit bureaus to suspend access to data for all non-compliant parties effective 1 March 2017.

With the looming registration deadline, Compuscan has taken the necessary steps to ensure that its clients are able to evaluate their legal position and act in time to avoid suspension of their data access.

The Circular was distributed to all registered credit bureaus in October 2016 and calls for companies and individuals that meet the requirements of Section 43 to respectively register as a reseller credit bureau. This notice more specifically concerns data subscribers who act as resellers, on-sellers and channel partners; please take note that this does not apply to already-NCR-registered credit providers.

Section 43 of the National Credit Act, 2005:

(1) A person must apply to be registered as a credit bureau if that person engages for payment, other than as a credit provider or an employee of a credit provider, in the business of:

a. receiving reports of, or investigating:
1. credit applications;
2. credit agreements;
3. payment history or patterns; or
4. consumer credit information as defined in section 70(1),
relating to consumers or prospective consumers other than reports of court orders or reasons for judgment or similar information that is in the public domain;

b. compiling and maintaining data from reports contemplated in sub-paragraph (i); and

c. Issuing reports concerning consumers or other natural persons based on information or data referred to in this paragraph

Registration deadline: 1 March 2017

All resellers, channel partners and on-sellers of consumer credit information are urged to take action to ensure compliance by 1 March 2017.

Compuscan recommendations:

1. Register with the National Credit Regulator
2. Subscribe to our Resellers Platform
3. Become a Referral Partner

Should you have any doubts as to the next steps or whether the Circular and legislation applies to your business, we highly recommend that you contact the National Credit Regulator to confirm your status and request further direction.

To action one of the three above mentioned recommendations, please contact your account manager or send us an email to for more information.

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