Published 13 March 2018

As part of Compuscan Group’s social investment projects, we recently engaged with four non-profit organisations in the Western Cape: Village Kids, Project CodeX (which supports The Click Foundation), the Masikhule Foundation, and Community Keepers. Laptops, tablets, projectors, pull-up screens and other equipment were donated to the organisations.

These devices will aid these organisations in continuing to support the local community in which they operate. Compuscan will also provide training to Project CodeX and Masikhule to upskill their staff.

The first of the three non-profit organisations that we visited was Project CodeX, which supports The Click Foundation. The Click Foundation was established in 2012 to find ways of using technology in education to pursue outcomes based interventions that can meaningfully impact learners.

“The foundation believes that, through effective implementation, technology can shift the paradigm and make a significant impact in an efficient, cost effective and scalable manner.”

Compuscan then visited Masikhule, an organisation focused on training, educating, and developing women and children in marginalised communities within the Helderberg and surrounding farm areas of the Western Cape since 2005.

Sandy Immelman form Masikhule had the following to say, “We are over the moon with Compuscan’s wonderfully generous donation – thank you from all of us!” Compuscan will also be involved in facilitating a basic cloud training programme to the staff of Masikhule to ensure their documentation is easily accessible to their agents in the field.

Sandy went on to say, “Your donation is going to make such a difference to our training, mentoring, and data capturing – all of which will enhance our ability to upskill and empower women from marginalised communities, who in turn, educate and nature thousands of young children.

Compuscan also visited Community Keepers, who provides psychological and social services to learners at schools in the local community. Community Keepers CEO, Gerrit Laning said, “We are very excited about Compuscan’s gracious offer for the computer equipment. We are in the process of opening four new school offices and the timing of the computer equipment is spot on!

Bridgette Wirth, Fundraising Officer at Community Keepers also mentioned, “Our team of over 30 mental health practitioners, who provide psycho-social services to at-risk learners in marginalised communities, rely on the use of this equipment to communicate between each other, capture data pertaining to their clients, as well as for presenting to clients, parents and teachers at training and awareness evenings. As an NGO, we really appreciate organisations like Compuscan, who help lessen our financial burden so that we can focus on our main priority- the children we serve!’

Compuscan will continue to invest back into our local community through more social investment initiatives.


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