Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching the implementation of our new brand strategy. Our goal is to unify all the different companies within the Group, and to connect all the aspects of business with our clients, staff, and the environment in which we operate.

Our New Group of Companies Logo

We have created a new set of logos which serves as a unique identity for our group of companies.

Many logo concepts and designs were created and rejected on the basis that they strayed too far from what Compuscan Holdings really stands for. Finally, after going back to the basics, we found the perfect logo to represent the Who, What, How and Why of the Compuscan Holdings companies.


We believe this logo indicates our global expansion, continuous growth, and innovation that have been with us for many years. We hope that you love our new look and logo as much as we do.

Brief Overview of the Compuscan Holdings Group

Compuscan was established in 1994 as a credit bureau. Over the following ten years, we extended our offerings to include training by Compuscan Academy as well as decision analytics by Scoresharp. In 2014, the pan-emerging markets investor, Actis, obtained a majority stake in Compuscan Holdings. Soon thereafter, the Compuscan Holdings Group embarked on more acquisitions as it welcomed P: Cubed, Profitscience, and more recently Encentivize to the Group.

Moreover, we are constantly extending the geographies in which we operate in order to assist our clients’ global ambitions. In addition to our operations in Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and Uganda, we have recently set up operations in Australia and the Philippines, with more territories to follow.

Presenting Our New Organisational Structure

In order for Compuscan Holdings to focus its efforts on increasing value to clients during all the phases of the credit life cycle, we have created a new organisational structure.

In this structure, we have the Compuscan Holdings Group as our corporate entity (head office), responsible for overall direction and for providing support to in the functional areas (HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, InfoSec and more), and five business units providing the following market-leading services:

PrintOur Global Businesses Structure

For our global companies, our five business units collaborate and provide services to each global business operation, through CSH Group Services. Our global companies include:

  • Compuscan Uganda
  • Compuscan CSIT Botswana
  • Compuscan Credit Reference Bureau Namibia
  • Compuscan Philippines
  • Compuscan Lesotho
  • Compuscan Australia
  • Compuscan GroundUp

Bringing the Brand Strategy Alive

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out the various elements of our new brand strategy in various phases. Keep reading each week’s issue of Insights to find out more!

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