South Africa

Compuscan South Africa offers individual credit reports and online credit check platforms, marketing solutions, a skills development and training academy, a specialised credit risk management consultancy, loyalty programmes, as well as credit scoring and data analytics services.


Compuscan entered Namibia in 2000, to address a need for a credit bureau in the microfinance industry. In Namibia, clients can receive up-to-date credit bureau information, which includes microloan information, previous enquiries, identification information, judgement information, and administration orders.


Compuscan entered Botswana in 2000, to establish a credit bureau for the microfinance industry. Our current solutions on offer to clients in Gaborone are Credit Check, Columbus, Batch Manager Services, Biometrics and Signature Pads, and Default listing; to name a few.


Compuscan Lesotho was established as a credit bureau in 2014, a year after the Central Bank of Lesotho accepted Compuscan’s application. Credit Check Lesotho has been in operation since August 2014.


In 2006, the Bank of Uganda selected Compuscan to establish the first ever Ugandan credit reference bureau and biometric identity smart card system for the credit industry. In 2008, Compuscan’s world-class Financial Card System (FCS) was formally introduced in Uganda.


Compuscan registered and established a credit bureau in Australia in 2015 and commenced operations in 2016. Compuscan Australia (Pty) Ltd is a registered company, engaged in the provision of consumer credit reporting and other related services.


In 2017, Compuscan was licensed as a private Credit Information Centre by the Govenor of the Bank of Mozambique.


Compuscan’s Consumer and Business Credit Information Bureau entered Ethiopia in August 2011, following the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) awarding Compuscan’s tender. Our system includes the application, infrastructure, training and data mitigation strategies for client information.


Compuscan’s relatively new expansion into the Philippines manifested from our ambition for international expansion into developing markets. Compuscan has customised the internationally-proven credit bureau system, and is working on customising other solutions and services tailored for the Filipino market.

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